how did this start?

Springboard to Ukraine is the collective heart of renowned gymnastics facilities in Oregon and Texas with Olympic Gold Medalist Svetlana Boguinskaia working together with missionaries and advisors on the ground in Ukraine. 

where is the money going?

We are partnering with missionaries and advisors on the ground in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Our partners provide us with tangible projects directly supporting the Ukrainian people.
Here are some of our projects:


This is a massive, long term project aimed at helping 90 refugees find stable housing and resettle their lives. The YWAM base in Cluj has put together a 6 and 12 month budget to help up to 90 refugees resettle into a brand new apartment facility and a 10 room rented former hotel. The YWAM base is also building a new dining/kitchen facility to feed the refugees. They frequently drive vans full of medical and other supplies into Ukraine.

This base is in desperate need of a van to assist transporting refugees to medical appointments and satisfy other needs.


Steve works in downtown Budapest, Hungary, where he directs a coffee shop. He graciously maintains a well furnished apartment that he and his team have made available to Ukrainian refugees. They are also developing the downstairs common area of the complex into a safe gathering place for refugees and a large public dining area to feed refugees. 

On top of this, Steve and his team drive vans filled to the brim with medical and baby supplies deep into Ukraine. Each of these 18 hour supply runs contains $12,000 worth of supplies.


Filip crosses the border into Ukraine from Poland almost daily to bring medicine and supplies . The Polish government recently outfitted him with a building to allow him to help resettle refugees. The property is in desperate need of refurnishing and updates. Filip’s long term goal is to build a stable, functioning community on the property.  

Meet the team.


Walt & Jacque have been a vital part of the Salem, Oregon community as business owners and community partners for over 50 years. Raising two daughters, both former NCAA  gymnasts, Walt and Jacque have strived to give every athlete in the community an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. 
Together with a background in business management, church communities and youth sports, they opened The Athletic Edge in 1996. They are always looking for ways to pay it forward with the many blessings they have received themselves.


Steve and Gabby Arkell are the owners of Mavericks Gymnastics in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years they have had the honor of representing both the USA and Canada abroad. 
Through these travels they have been introduced and become friends with athletes and coaches from all over the world including both Ukraine and Russia. 


Born in Minsk, Belarus, Svetlana is a three-time Olympian with 5 Olympic gold medals, 5 World Championships, and 9 European Championships