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Welcome to Church on the Hill.
We are one church body serving the communities of Salem & Keizer with missionaries across the globe.

a brief introduction.

We've been around the Salem/Turner area since 1978; opening a second campus to better serve the Keizer community in 2008. As a Church, our priority is to pursue Christ and to share His love with our neighbors. We do that on Sunday's by gathering together for fellowship, worship, and share in  receiving a message. Monday-Saturday, our church is blessed to cultivate numerous outreach ministries serving youth, teen moms, those struggling with addiction, our unsheltered neighbors, and countless other areas of need in the mid-Willamette valley.
Follow the links below to learn more.

what to expect when you arrive.

come as you are. wear what you have. we've got the rest.
(including coffee)


You'll be greeted by a volunteer from our hospitality team. They are there to make you feel welcomed (and they do a great job). They will answer any questions you may have about where to go or what's happening - they can also point you in the direction of the coffee.   


Grab some coffee or tea and find a seat in the sanctuary. Our services start with worship, move into a message, and finish with a final worship song and communion. If you're having trouble finding a seat, one of our ushers will help you find the perfect spot.


Enjoy the service. We've got incredible worship teams, our pastors deliver deep sermons, and the community atmosphere is ever present. This will feel like home.
Be sure to visit the connection counter. This is the place with all the information and ways to get connected with small groups, outreach ministries, and truly become part of the community. 
 If you're a family with young kiddos, you're welcome to check them into KID NATION or keep them with you during the service.
Both campuses have a family room for nursing moms or kiddos that you keep with you during the service - this room gets audio and video of the service.

when we meet.



9:00am & 11:00am
2707 Maranatha CT SE
Turner, OR 97392
2105 Keizer RD NE
Keizer, OR 97303

got kids? here's what to expect.

6 weeks - 5th grade


Follow the signs for Kid Nation Check-In, or ask one of our greeters to point you in the right direction. Our Check-In Ambassadors will be ready and eager to help you fill out some check-in information for your child - this will include their date-of-birth and any allergies/medical concerns


You will receive 3 check-in tags, each with an identical 4-digit code specific to your kiddo(s). You keep one, your kiddo gets another, and the third goes to the Kid Nation volunteer in your kiddo's classroom. A Kid Nation Ambassador will point you in the direction to find the right classroom.


Once you find the right classroom, you are welcome to stay with your kiddo to help get them acclimated before you head off to enjoy the service. If at any point during the service your kiddo needs you, the 4-digit code on your tag will be displayed on the screen.

We believe that church is more than just a Sunday thing - for kids and adults. Our Family Ministries team does a terrific job at keeping families and kids walking in discipleship Monday-Saturday. To see how they do this, visit our family ministries page. 

reach out.

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started.