love god, love people.

We are Church on the Hill. A family of believers with a heart for community and the resurrection power found in a life dedicated to following a risen savior: Jesus Christ.

our mission.

We seek to embrace our neighborhoods and our world with the love, hope, and goodness of a compassionate and faithful god.

our values.

We are a community of people pursuing Christ-like transformation in every area of life.

the pursuit of full devotion to christ

We believe the Lordship of Christ is normal for every believer and includes pursuing worship and prayer as a lifestyle, the stewardship of our resources and life choices that reflect the Kingdom of God.

the bible as the word of god

We believe as the Spirit of God enables people to read, hear, and understand biblical truth it then becomes a catalyst for transformation in the life of the believer. 

authentic community

We believe this is where unity and maturity begin to develop as we experience the transformational love of God. It is here that we come alongside one another as family and learn to walk out the principles of grace, discipleship, accountability, integrity, and generosity.

ministry as a team

We believe the church is called to function as a unified community of servants where men and women use their gifts to serve others. It is here we discover and develop our diverse ministry callings and spiritual gifts. We learn to work together to minister God's grace in its various forms. 

Missions as a lifestyle

We believe God is passionate about redeeming lost and hurting people. Reaching out to others is a natural response to His love and grace in our lives. The proclamation of truth, along with relational evangelism, is modeled to us in the life of Christ throughout the gospels. 

the pursuit of excellence

We believe God is worthy of our best and this principle both honors Him and inspires people. This is lived out through strategic evaluation, creativity, accountability, honesty, and hard work.

the power of the gospel to reach people in the context of their lives

We believe the church can and should be culturally relevant, yet remain doctrinally sound. We want to minimize religious and cultural barriers so the gospel message can be communicated without distraction or confusion. 

We are an Assemblies of God Church.
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