Family Month // Week 4

Sep 4, 2022    Bruce Stefanik, Jason Treadwell

It’s been family month here at COTH. That has meant a little more noise, wiggles and
distractions. It has also meant some adjustments on all of our parts. One reason we do this
because we want to give our wonderful Kid Nation volunteers a few Sundays off. But we
also do it remind ourselves who we are. We are not a consumer community built around
our personal likes and comforts, but rather a servant community doing the Jesus life
together. Jesus modeled this for us by choosing to be born of two parents into a very
regular Jewish family. There he lived out his everyday life, learning, working, and simply
being a part of his community. Ultimately his mission turned out to be the giving of his
life to redeem every family on earth from their sin and their brokenness. Then as the book
of Acts describes, he invites us all to be a part of the wonderful, messy, oftentimes
challenging, but life giving family he calls his Church.