We live in an abstract world.
A convoluted world.
A divided world.

What does it mean for us as believers to live in community with one another?
What does it mean to partake in the sacrament of communion?
What does in mean to form a union with another person?

As a community, we are walking through what it means to have biblical relationships in a world where façades, conflict, and fear dismantle and devour the sacred covenants and practices of the church.

Join us Sunday mornings in service and Wednesday nights for the class

what is the class?


Through February and March, our community is hosting a class on marriage and relationships. Regardless of your relationship status, this is a course designed to provide the tools required to build a healthy foundation for biblical relationships.

Though we are discussing the same topics as Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights expand on the material with a deeper expository message, an expert panel of married couples sharing life experience, and each week leaves you with practical application steps you can take into your relationships or marriage.
When: Wednesday Nights Feb 1st-March
Where: South Campus (Salem)
What: Gather in community to share a meal, dive deep in the word, become saturated in the experience of an expert panel, and leave challenged with practical application steps for your marriage and relationships.